Connect with your patients. Increase enrollment. Improve compliance.

Engaging your patients is difficult — tele-marketing, spam, junk mail, and overall communication overload have made it much harder to connect with patients effectively. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, and that to effectively engage your patients you need to offer highly-personalized, highly-relevant outreach campaigns. Citra offers various health engagement services, each proven to drive engagement.


Citra’s Outreach Team

Building the right outreach team for patient engagement programs.
Supported by our platform, CareScripts, our team of nurses and Medical Service Representatives utilize outreach techniques driven by what we know and learn about each patient. That means they’re able to deliver information that’s personalized — resulting in higher success rates.

  • Build teams suited for each outreach campaign, whether it’s a nurse, Medical Service Representatives, or a combination of both.
  • Team members receive customized training for programs, emphasizing warm and natural conversations with the patient.
  • Utilize behavior change methodologies including the Teach Back method and Motivational Interviewing.
Patient Connection Strategies

Proven tactics that ensure we meet your patient connection rate goals.
One of the most challenging aspects of any engagement campaign is finding ways to successfully connect with the patient over the telephone. Citra employs a variety of proven strategies that allows our outreach team to consistently connect with your patients in a meaningful way.

  • Schedule outreach by time-of-day, ensuring calls are made when patients are available and likely to answer.
  • Build on-brand trust using private branded caller ID, letting them know it’s not a tele-marketer.
  • Use sophisticated dialer technology that engages your patient population quickly without loss of service quality.
Patient Call Interaction Manager

Call scripts that adapt to patient health status, location, and eligibility.
Citra’s Patient Call Interaction Manager enables our outreach team to provide consistent, personally relevant interactions and information to your patients — making sure the appropriate messaging is delivered and relevant data is collected.

  • Custom scripting and branching logic allows our team to bypass unnecessary questions, keeping calls succinct.
  • Real-time scoring based on responses allows us to identify risk status, escalate calls, or schedule additional follow up.
  • Generate and send automated alerts to individuals within your organization based on interaction calls.
Automated Voice

Supplement outbound live agent calls with automated notifications.
We offer automated voice services, an add-on capability for programs where this technology makes good sense. All campaigns are completely customized to your needs and preferences and are HIPAA compliant.

  • Deliver a customized message depending on what we know about the patient and their healthcare needs.
  • Connect with a large number of patients quickly, delivering messages when they’ll have the most impact.
  • Immediately escalate patients to a nurse or Medical Service Representatives at any time during the automated call.
Campaign Reporting

View, analyze, and gain insight into program performance.
Citra provides actionable reporting on the effectiveness of your patient engagement programs — making it easy for you to assess your impact on patient behavior and their participation in your programs.

  • View, analyze, and gain insight into performance with reports that reflect campaign status, outcomes, and success trends.
  • Track all interaction data and record phone calls — which can be extracted and sent in any format at any frequency.
  • Citra’s account management teams will help you optimize programs based on what we learn over time.