Connect patients to hospitals, clinics, and health services.

Citra’s service referral solution guides patients to appropriate services and facilities within your network.

We identify relevant services and/or facilities for patients using caller demographics, clinical disposition, location, or any other client defined criteria.

Promote Services as Part of any Transaction

Citra’s service referral programs are implemented as a stand-alone program or as a functional component of any other Citra service offering.

Connect Patients to All Relevant Resources

During the referral process, we provide a detailed description of the service, driving directions, contact information, as well as any custom information you provide.

Seamlessly Transfer Patients to Local Facilities

As part of the referral process, Citra Medical Service Representatives (MSRs) and registered nurses can instantly transfer patients to the facility or assigned program coordinators.

Send Additional Information via Mail and Email

After providing a service referral, we can send relevant follow-up materials via email and/or standard mail, ensuring patients make informed healthcare decisions.

Detailed Service and Facility Search Fields

Citra Medical Service Representatives and registered nurses utilize search engines to find the right facility and/or care management program.

Citra Agents Search the Database Using 8 criteria
    • Keyword Service type
    • Service name
    • Service area
    • Facility type
    • Facility name
    • City
    • Zip code
Create and Update Service Referral Profiles

Citra manages all service and facility profiles on your behalf to ensure accurate data. We accept automated file loads in real-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc.

Close the Loop on Service Referrals

View, analyze, and gain insight into service performance with reporting that reflects campaign status, outcomes, and success trends.

Service Highlights:

Identify and connect patients with appropriate and local healthcare resources.

Provider Facilities: Urgent care, clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Centers of Excellence: Orthopedic, bariatric, diabetic, etc.

Support Services: Crisis lines, rehab centers, etc.

Special Programs: Flu shot clinics, seminars, etc.

Screenings: Cholesterol, blood pressure, mammograms, etc.

General Promotions: Facility news, updates, etc.

Key Points (Callouts):

Increase in-network service awareness: Make sure patients are aware of all available services located within their area.

Improved cross promotion of services: No matter the original reason for call, we will inform patients of services relevant to them.

Drive utilization of available services: We provide patients with turn-by-turn driving directions and facilitate appointment setting.