Removing barriers to recovery and improving compliance.

Citra Health Solutions’ timely, personalized patient follow-up service improves outcomes and uncovers patient experience issues.


Comprehensive Post Hospital Care

Citra connects with patients after discharge (inpatient, outpatient, or ER) to assess health status, escalate clinical resources, review care instructions, schedule necessary follow-up care, and gather patient experience feedback.

Patient Specific Post Discharge Campaigns

Schedules outreach based on patient disposition, program parameters, or any other relevant criteria. The result is a process that achieves high contact rates and service satisfaction.

Evidence-Based Care That Improves Compliance

Citra nurses and post discharge advocates apply methodologies that build trust with patients by using teach-back techniques, motivational interviewing, and evidence-based checklists.

Solve Patient Concerns in Real-Time

When action is required to prevent negative patient outcomes or address satisfaction issues, Citra will report any issues with your facilities and specific staff members.

In-Network Referrals and Scheduling

When gaps in care are discovered, patients are guided to find in-network physicians, clinics, pharmacies, or any other appropriate healthcare resource.

Measure Impact on Outcomes and Satisfaction

Citra provides detailed reporting on all aspects of the post discharge follow up programs. Provided on a weekly, monthly, or on-demand basis, Citra’s reports present data on:

  • When patients received follow-up, health status, disposition, and resulting care plan
  • How hospitals — and units — are trending by category
  • The cause of poor patient outcomes — resulting in preventable readmissions for CHF, AMI, Pneumonia, COPD, total hip and total knee replacements (THR, TKR).
Service Highlights
  • 5% to 8% Reduction in hospital readmissions
  • 1% to 12% Improvement in HCAHPS scores
  • Success is ensured by customizing all post discharge programs according to the clients’ goals.
Key Points
  • Prevent hospital readmissions
    • Proven readmission programs focused on CHF, AMI, and Pneumonia patients.
  • Improved the patient experience
    • Identify, clarify, and report on areas of hospital care that cause patient dissatisfaction.
  • Reduce non-urgent ER use
    • Engage frequent ER patients after discharge to provide guidance on when and where to seek care.