Our mission is to make value-based healthcare services accessible and affordable so that quality care is delivered at the right time to achieve the best possible outcomes.



Our vision is for providers, health systems, payers, and employers to embrace the transformation of healthcare payment models using our cohesive clinical, financial and administrative solutions.


Core Values

Our team members:

  • Produce positive outcomes at the lowest cost
  • Promote an environment of trust through unbridled integrity
  • Deliver quality with simplicity
  • Nourish a culture of strong social responsibility


What We Do

We mobilize healthcare data into transformative solutions.


Our Model

By leveraging industry-leading partners, we offer end-to-end solutions in the transition to value-based care that include technology, programs and services.



Healthcare simplified. Work with a dedicated team that has the ability to provide cohesive clinical, financial and administrative solutions that grow with you.


About Citra

Citra is a health solutions firm providing a one-contract, connected solution for clinical, financial and administrative requirements. Solving for the needs of providers, health systems, payers and employers in the transition to value-based care, Citra empowers clients with proven technology, population health, analytics, care management, and administrative services to strategically expand market opportunity, diversify revenue streams, and reduce the cost of care.