Provide patients with 24/7 access to healthcare support services.

We help patients understand their healthcare and insurance options by providing 24-hour assistance. Acting as a seamless extension of your facility, we offer inbound support services that answer your patients’ FAQs and coordinate local resources. From simple actions such as taking general messages, to more sophisticated requests like referring physicians or checking benefits inquiries, we improve the overall experience for your patients through first call resolution.

24/7 Inbound Patient Support

Answering FAQs on benefits, hours of availability, or other relevant topics.

Use Citra’s private labeled Inbound Patient Support Services to help your patients understand and navigate their healthcare options. Additionally, track and measure which marketing programs are effectively driving patients to seek out your services.

  • Answer general questions about your available healthcare services (hours, contact information, driving directions, etc.).
  • Distribute any and all requested educational materials relating to service/benefits by facilitating collateral fulfillment.
Local Healthcare Referral Services

Connect patients to appropriate service, facilities, and doctors.
Citra will serve as your inbound service line, ensuring that all calls are answered immediately with a customized greeting and appear seamless to your callers. In addition to providing general information, we can coordinate all referral services for your organization.

  • Help patients find an appropriate doctor or service
  • Drive resource awareness by providing referrals to local hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, or other services.
  • Improve participation rates for your health and wellness programs by centralizing the scheduling processes.
Custom Patient Engagement Process

Engage hard-to-reach patients when they’re receptive to learning more.
While scripted outreach calls, targeted mailings, and other outbound programs do engage patients, many will remain out of reach. Citra’s Inbound Patient Support services provide you with an additional channel for identifying and recruiting those hard-to-engage patients.

  • Identify specific patients and engage them about relevant programs using patient data supplied by you ahead of time.
  • Provide custom messaging or referrals based on patient demographics or other information we capture during the call.
  • Facilitate all enrollment activities in the event your patients wish to participate in your sponsored programs.


Full Services Follow up Fulfillment Process

Send patients relevant follow up information via email and direct mail.
At the end of any call with your patients, we can send relevant follow up materials to them via email and/or standard mail. We manage the entire fulfillment process, including content creation, list management, printing, and mail services.

  • Send custom materials that are created using the variable data we capture during the call.
  • Provide pre-created promotional brochures or other marketing materials to patients upon request.
  • Cross-promote other relevant healthcare resources based on what we learn about each patient.