Integrated IPA/MSO/Payer Analytics Platform for Managing Risk and Population Health

PORTLAND, Maine, Feb. 12, 2019 – Citra Health Solutions®, best known for the market leading EZ-CAP® value-based care benefits administration solution, announced today the addition of EZ-INFO™ to its comprehensive product suite. This new analytics platform utilizes aggregated data to address key business challenges, including identifying trends in spending, using data to produce enterprise-wide dashboards, aggregating clinical and claims data from different sources and tracking specific admissions, helping close gaps in care, and delivering better patient outcomes for end-to-end population management.

“By identifying gaps in care and enabling drill-down capabilities to the physician and patient level, we are providing the ability to make immediate actions plans to improve health and financial outcomes through increased physician utilization and patient compliance,” said Scott Sanner, Chief Executive Officer.

EZ-INFO provides an enterprise data warehouse that unravels the complexities of data from multiple sources and offers risk stratification to identify predicable, avoidable high-cost patient events. This modular solution can be integrated with current solutions or unbundled to fit the exact needs of an organization at an affordable price. Being cloud-based minimizes upfront costs while deploying artificial intelligence to make better decisions for better care.

“We continue to innovate and provide solutions that propel IPAs, MSOs, health plans, ACOs, and other healthcare at-risk models forward as they drive member adherence, which can only be done with efficient and effective visibility into their patient population,” David Morris, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer said.

EZ-INFO is available now. Visit to learn more and request a demo today.

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Citra provides a one-contract, connected solution for clinical, financial and administrative requirements. Solving for the needs of providers, payers, health systems and employers in the transition to value-based care, Citra empowers clients with proven technology, population health, analytics, care management, and administrative services to strategically expand market opportunity, diversify revenue streams, lower the cost of care, and improve quality. Citra currently serves 6 of the top 7 Health Plans; 7 Fortune 500 Companies; 50+ IPAs and MSOs managing commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations; 100+ Provider Groups, Hospitals, Universities and Integrated Delivery Networks throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico. For more information, visit

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