SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, Oct. 15, 2018 – Citra Health Solutions® announced today the acquisition of DataWing Software®, a Portland, Oregon company specializing in administrative solutions designed to improve efficiencies around managing eligibility files and helping health care organizations ensure maximum profitability with capitation models. Citra made the decision to purchase DataWing based on the aligned benefit and added value the solutions would provide for EZ-CAP® clients.

“As we looked at the market needs of our clients and the future development of EZ-CAP®, it became clear that DataWing was an excellent complement to our product portfolio. Their software enhances the value we can provide to our clients and the DataWing team will improve our ability to accelerate innovation,” said Scott Sanner, CEO of Citra Health Solutions®.

DataWing Software® was founded in 1993 by current president Jerry Porter. In 1996, Eligibility Manager® was launched, which quickly became the flagship product by providing fast and accurate reconciliation of eligibility data. Today, DataWing Software® is nationally recognized for providing a variety of superior software solutions, including Cap Check™ and DataTug™, to some of the country’s most respected health care organizations.

“We have been friends and partners of EZ-CAP® since we began our business in the early 90s. We are excited to enhance Citra’s value proposition by combining our capabilities. The future is very bright for both DataWing and Citra customers alike,” Porter said.

About Citra Health Solutions
Citra provides a one-contract, connected solution for clinical, financial and administrative requirements. Solving for the needs of providers, payers, health systems and employers in the transition to value-based care, Citra empowers clients with proven technology, population health, analytics, care management, and administrative services to strategically expand market opportunity, diversify revenue streams, lower the cost of care, and improve quality. Citra currently serves 6 of the top 7 Health Plans; 7 Fortune 500 Companies; 50+ IPAs and MSOs managing commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations; 100+ Provider Groups, Hospitals, Universities and Integrated Delivery Networks throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico. For more information, visit

About DataWing Software
DataWing Software® has developed a number of innovative and user-friendly data administration solutions designed specifically for managed health care organizations to improve efficiencies and increase profitability. DataWing Software’s solutions for eligibility, capitation reconciliation and information management, provide ROI based on process efficiencies, data accuracy, cost containment and recovery of revenue. For more information visit