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High Deductible Health Plans and Their Impact on Healthcare

At the current growth rate, high deductible insurance plans offered through employers will predominate within four years. This has broad implications, which are only beginning to be felt. The first impact will be a significant reduction in employee health plan loss ratios. Initially, corporate health plan margins will improve significantly. However, federal caps on how [...]

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Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Commit to Process Improvement

It’s important to realize that there isn't a single silver bullet that will solve all your patient experience problems. The only way to significantly improve the quality of care you provide (and the perception patients have of that care) is to methodically identify and fix areas of your service that negatively impact patient care. This [...]

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Getting Your Patients to Care: How to Achieve Patient Engagement

One of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face today is patient engagement. At Citra, we define successful engagement as: Knowledge: Patients understand what care and educational opportunities are available to them. Guidance: Patients seek professional help when making care decisions. Compliance: Patients participate in and complete care and education programs appropriately. The first step to [...]

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