Medical Call Center Technology: CareScripts

Respond to the unique needs of your health population.

Citra’s proprietary application, CareScripts, is in use at large contact centers across the country as well as our virtual contact center. CareScripts supports triage services, non-clinical programs, and integrated web and mobile applications.

CareScripts Capabilities

  • The flexibility to support a variety of services including triage, physician referral, class and event registration, and custom outreach programs.
  • “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model that saves providers considerable upfront capital and IT operating costs.
  • Co-sourcing option that offers the best of both worlds to those who wish to maintain their own contact center but also want to tap into Citra’s national network of RNs for after hours and weekends.
  • A secure infrastructure with two redundant and hardened data centers that support any business continuity plan.
  • The ability to support a large network of at-home agents, improving the economics of call centers by providing more flexibility with staffing.
  • An integrated Answering Service Module that enables messaging capabilities such as faxing and paging.

Usability Features

  • Streamlined — Citra’s clinical team designed the application to streamline the process of data entry and support the natural flow of conversation with a caller.
  • Split Screen — Allows nurses to review dispositions as they’re gathering the caller’s symptomatic detail.
  • Hyperlinks — Embedded in assessment screen to allow quick and easy reference to relevant information such as related guidelines, OTC drug dosing, charts, and other online resources.
  • Virtual Binder Design — Speeds navigation by allowing multiple tabs to remain open throughout the call.
  • One-click Access — Ensures seamless transitions to complementary functions such as program registration or taking returning physician calls without disrupting the triage process.


  • Industry standard guidelines — CareScripts supports custom triage content, but primarily uses Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Thompson guidelines along with the Healthwise Clinical Knowledgebase.
  • Multiple delivery methods — CareScripts supports information delivery via phone, fax, web, pager, smartphone, print, or secure email.
  • “Didukno” logic engine — CareScripts is the only contact center technology to feature “DiduKno”, a logic engine that creates targeted communications depending upon caller information, resulting in more effective service and program referrals.
  • Integrated telephony solution — CareScripts telephony capabilities feature call recording for quality assurance and supports remote agents by offering full telephony switch capabilities to the remote desktop without additional investment.