What is it?

It’s the continuous process of helping patients transition between one setting of care to another as they move along the continuum of care. Transitional care is healthcare focused on total patient health — rather than just acute/chronic care. Transitional care is about identifying and coordinating the use of appropriate healthcare resources as each patient’s unique needs change. It also means being accountable for the quality of care a patient receives before and after their experience with the hospital.

Citra’s transitional care strategies increase patient access to healthcare resources, better coordinate the appropriate use of those resources, increase compliance with medication regimens, reduce unnecessary readmissions, and improve satisfaction.

How do Citra’s transitional care management services work?

Citra delivers the leading telephone and web based transitional care solutions. Health Insurers, Managed Care Organizations, Hospitals, Health Centers, and Physicians choose Citra for its ability to provide customized clinical and engagement programs — addressing the unique needs of each patient by helping them find and utilize local healthcare practitioners, facilities, or support programs.

As an organization responsible for patient care, your goal is to ensure your patients have easy access to healthcare resources and that they take all necessary steps to prevent adverse health outcomes.