System Optimization

  • Hardware Verification
  • Software Assessment
  • System Configuration Recommendations
  • Automation/Optimization Recommendations
  • Feature/Function Training


  • Hardware Verification
  • Software Installation
  • Citra Technology resources
  • Dedicated Support resources
  • “White-glove” Support


  • Complete System Training
    • EZ-CAP
    • EZ-NET
    • EZ-EDI
    • EZ-CARE
    • Claimshop
  • Custom Training by Module
  • Remote or Onsite

Advisory Services

Fee-for-Service to Fee-for-Value

Are you confused by the phrase ‘taking on risk’ and wonder about how the proposed and upcoming legal regulations and legislation may affect your practice or your payment models? Our experienced consulting team members can help you navigate this changing landscape to help you arrive at an optimal understanding of how you can embrace the move to value-based care, including getting into those programs that will work for you and staying away from those that offer you either too much risk or not enough value to yourself or your patient populations.

Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service expands on the value of the EZ-INFO product by adding the experience and expertise of Citra’s economic analysis staff. In addition to providing the online access and analytics capabilities of the EZ-INFO application, this enhanced product offers the client periodic conferences with credentialed health economics experts. These conferences provide the client with insights, experience and suggestions that drive the pursuit of new opportunities and enhance both the value-based performance and the profitability of the client organization. In addition to continuously educating client staff in the use of the application and the analytics provided in the application, Analytics Services provides:

  • Unique insights into trends in healthcare operations, management and regulations,
  • Experience with the successes and failures of various programs and practices implemented by other organizations and
  • Specific recommendations for strategies, programs and techniques that may improve the performance and profitability of the organization.