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What do we provide?

EZ-CAP provides a benefit management platform, capable of streaming all your invaluable information and critical processes into one comprehensive and effective system. By optimizing productivity with our auto-adjudication and workflow features, and managing daily operations with configurable rules and data sets, EZ-CAP delivers extensive value as the industry’s leading platform for managing daily operations.

EZ-CAP is a widely used healthcare benefit management solution for Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Managed Service Organizations (MSOs), Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs), Health Plans, and other managed care organizations focused administration of managed care contracts and population health.

This product helps your organization maximize electronic data interchange by automating your transaction flow into and out of your organization while minimizing implementation time and leveraging the system’s ability to expand in the future. Taking into account that HIPAA formats are not uniform, you receive the power of “Graphical Mapping” as it allows you to simply drag-and-drop fields from both HIPAA standard files and data sets to map inbound and outbound transactions. We put the tools into your hands to allowing your organization to control the transaction flow directly through EZ-CAP versus through a clearing house. This allows your organization to focus less on technology and more on what matters most: the patient.


  • Benefit Administration
  • Workflow Automation and Auto-adjudication Capabilities
  • Paperless, Virtual Environment
  • HIPAA Ready
  • Customer Service Module (Member, Provider, and Health Plan)
  • Document Management
  • Capitation Processing


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Add-on Features


EZ-NETr (2)

This product offers the latest advancement in electronic data interchange (EDI) to easily retrieve information and perform transactions in real-time directly into EZ-CAP, without going through a clearing house. With the complexities of today’s HIPAA EDI formats, EZ-EDI is designed to reduce the time and effort it takes to implement an EDI solution. HIPAA formats are not uniform, requiring multiple modified forms of the standard data sets. While most vendors require expensive custom maps that are difficult to decipher and translate, EZ-EDI puts the power of graphical mapping into your hands. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can easily map inbound and outbound HIPAA standard files to and from your EZ-CAP data sets. The inloading and processing of these files can be automated to virtually eliminate manual interaction, increasing productivity and reducing human error.

EZ-NETr (1)

Collaborate with enhanced speed and accuracy with real-time data retrieval and transactions.

This internet portal facilitates timely, cost-effective sharing of clinical and administrative information between a healthcare organization, network providers, and health plans. By communicating and performing administrative tasks via EZ-NET, informational flow is expedited, and data accuracy is enhanced. Important information is made accessible real-time via the internet without compromising security, putting critical information where it is needed, in the hands of the providers, while making the patient experience fluid.


Access data with seamless interfacing

This application enables software vendors to interface existing systems with EZ-CAP. This Application Programming Interface (API) is an expert modification tool for developers to format request and response file transactions. Vendors continue to offer users one point of entry through their systems, while seamlessly integrating the EZ-CAP managed care capabilities with no visible transitions.


Pay efficiently while improving care coordination

This business intelligence portal is a partnership with MedAssets and EZ-CAP in order to make claim submission and payment more efficient and accurate, allowing for administrative cost savings. Claims are submitted through the MedAssets repricing tool, where they are assigned a reimbursement rate, along with any suggested edits. The results are stored as part of the claim information within EZ-CAP for easy retrieval and audit.